Once I implemented this fix I went from getting 10MB/s to getting over 500MB/s+ (both read & write) on my Mac laptop connected over Wifi. BEFORE/AFTER:             On MacOS 10.13.x I was getting terrible network transfer speeds from my Mac laptop to the network share being served by another mac. We were only getting 10MB/s which was not even enough to stream videos at 720p but yet on the iMac this external RAID array was attached to we were getting 200MB/s+ and could stream 2160p30 (4k) videos no problem. Server serving the network share: MacOS High Sierra (10.13.6), External 24TB RAID array in RAID 10. Client access the network share (SLOW): MacOS High Sierra 10.13.4[…]

There has not been a way to discover the AWS Account ID for some time from within the command line in Linux, but now there is and it took me some digging to find it. You will find everything for your specific instance from the AWS Account ID, to the region, availability zone, AMI, etc. The code is shown below.

  First off, it’s hard to argue the roughly $15/mo is NOT worth the 2-4 hours a month you save from going to the grocery store (never mind the driving to/from, loading/unloading, stress/energy). I realize there are minor markups and some other nuances like minimum orders but I’d happily pay double for this service (which you almost will if you are not already an Amazon Prime member). I’m new to it however and will update this post with a follow-up in a couple months time. Think of it this way, for $180/yr you never have to set foot in the grocery store again…that’s enough convincing for me and clearly many, many others. I believe this will be the status quo in the years to[…]

Some of even my closest friends are unaware that I spent several years developing / building a PC game from 16-19 years of age. This was around 2004, when PC games were starting to really take off and before zombies were as ubiquitous as they are today. This started as an idea by a friend of mine, Coleman, and at the end of my reign as project manager we had around 40,000 forum members, had been featured in several major publications like PC Gamer (US) magazine and had a lot of eyes on us in the PC gaming community in general. We sought out to create a hyper-realistic zombie survival game that relies on teamwork and strategy, not unlimited ammo and health packs. Not only did I lead the project but contributed as occasional[…]