Kensun HID's installed

Xentec? STAY AWAY. Dim, poor quality, and ebayer avoids so-called “warranty” I previously bought 35w Xentec HID’s for my last truck, a 2004 F-150 about 8 years ago when they made a solid product. They were the large aluminum housings, felt very heavy and they were very, very bright (I had some of the brightest on the road at that time, they truly were incredible). Fast forward to 2015, they are a cheap product and a quick google search for reviews of the brand will yield you the same opinion. I have a minor obsession with lighting and this time around I bought a 55w Xentec HID kit @ 6000k w/slim ballasts for $69.99 from Ebay and the output was[…]

Superduty “4×4 not engaging” problems? This is a very common issue, here is how to fix it. It might be a quick patch/replacement of a vacuum line, or a solenoid replacement. I made a quick video that will only take a couple minutes for you to figure out what the problem is, and depending on the problem, the actual fix shouldn’t take you more than 15 minutes. When I had this problem I couldn’t find a good resource to troubleshoot, so hopefully this helps. First, is your vacuum pump working? You will hear it when you turn the truck to ON and engage 4wd, you disconnect a vacuum hose (pump senses drop in pressure and tries to re-pressurize), or if[…]